Poker Pro Regional
[Northern IL Championship Region]

Northern IL State Championship
Southern IL State Championship
Location Information
Tinley Bowl
Tinley Park
Playoff Date: Sunday, October 30th, 2011
Reg. Time: 11am
Start Time: Noon
Starting Chips: 10k or 20k
Structure: 30 Minute Levels
Prize Notes: The winner of the Northern IL State Championship will be qualified to play in the exclusive "Poker Pro" National Championship in Las Vegas on Dec. 4th. They will also win an airfare allowance and hotel stay at Harrah's on the strip Dec 3rd - 6th. The runner up will be qualified for the exclusive National Championship.
Notes: On Dec. 4th at the National Championship 10 seats into the Bellagio 5 Diamond Classic Tournament $1000 + $80 will be awarded to the top 10 finishers. The overall winner will be crowned as the FPN new National Champion winning a $10,000 FPN Poker Pro contract!
Icon Legend
 Double Qualifier - This player qualified twice or more in this region during SAME session/month. This triggers ONE bubble player (next person listed below the green highlights) from both leagues in the session where the Double Qualifier played.
 Direct Qualifier – This player qualifies directly to championship event and CANNOT play in the regional event. This does not trigger a player being bumped up to take their spot. Direct Qualifiers come from leagues that are participating at the regular or higher sponsorship level. Any Direct Qualifier showing a Double or Triple stack on the regional page does not carry that over to the Championship. They must qualify in 2 separate quarters to receive double chips at championship event.
 Bubble Player – This player was “moved up” into the playoff due to Double Qualifier playing in their league in this session. Only one Bubble Player per league session is ever moved up regardless of how many Double Qualifiers there are.
 Double Stack – This player earned a double chip stack this playoff event by qualifying twice in region in DIFFERENT sessions.
 Triple Stack – This player earned a triple chip stack this playoff event by qualifying three times in region in DIFFERENT sessions.

Poker Pro Session 4 Playoff Qualifiers

Poker Pro Session 5 Playoff Qualifiers

Poker Pro Session 6 Playoff Qualifiers

Player Name Location Town Events AvgAttd. Points
0 Qualifiers

Player Name Location Town Events AvgAttd. Points
David Niezabitowski Jr.JW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park329481
Denise SchultzJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park329346
Ryan MarcotteJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park329341
Marcus MarinJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park329316
Kim BrownJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park329277
Wendy Adamczyk-D'andreaJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park329276
Shayna PopperOliver's Bar & GrillOak Forest319288
Ken GarrOliver's Bar & GrillOak Forest319282
Micah FlightOliver's Bar & GrillOak Forest319236
Richard NowickiOliver's Bar & GrillOak Forest319222
Ryan MarcotteTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park626664
Ron BabbTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park626511
David Niezabitowski Sr.Tinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park626443
Rich Adamczyk-D'andreaTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park626410
Edward PopeTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park626409
Ronald KuchTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park626349
19 Qualifiers

Player Name Location Town Events AvgAttd. Points
Denise SchultzJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park429710
Wendy Adamczyk-D'andreaJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park429395
Katie LenzJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park429385
John Spalliero Jr.JW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park429344
Mike O'KellyJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park429321
Rich Adamczyk-D'andreaJW Hollstein's SaloonTinley Park429317
David Niezabitowski Sr.Tinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park827964
Denise SchultzTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park827634
Peter RzepkaTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park827484
James NicklasTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park827479
Rich Adamczyk-D'andreaTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park827457
Ron BabbTinley Park Bowling LanesTinley Park827440
14 Qualifiers
Total Poker Pro Regional Qualifers: 33
Total DISTINCT Poker Pro Regional Qualifers: 22
Direct Poker Pro Qualifers: 0