HPT Dream Package Regional
[Lincoln/Omaha Region]

Playoff Results

Finish Name League
1 Dale SchumanMVP Lounge
2 Nate BernthDrifters Pool Room - Sat
3 Kaleb MyersDrifters Pool Room - Sat
4 Bob TimberlakeMVP Lounge
5 Matt CornueMVP Lounge
6 Pat McGraneDrifters Pool Room - Sat
7 Al BuhrDrifters Pool Room - Sat
8 Cody MeyerDrifters Pool Room - Sat
9 Dave NovacekDenton Daily Double
10 Allen CruzDrifters Pool Room - Wed
11 Janet McGraneDenton Daily Double

Location Information
MVP Lounge
Omaha, NE
Playoff Date: Sunday, July 21st
Reg. Time: 12pm
Start Time: 1pm
Starting Chips: 2k, 4k, or 6k
Structure: 20 Minute Levels
Prize Notes:
Notes: Top 20% (top 11) advance to NE State Championship
Icon Legend
 Double Qualifier - This player qualified twice or more in this region during SAME session/month. This triggers ONE bubble player (next person listed below the green highlights) from both leagues in the session where the Double Qualifier played.
 Direct Qualifier – This player qualifies directly to championship event and CANNOT play in the regional event. This does not trigger a player being bumped up to take their spot. Direct Qualifiers come from leagues that are participating at the regular or higher sponsorship level. Any Direct Qualifier showing a Double or Triple stack on the regional page does not carry that over to the Championship. They must qualify in 2 separate quarters to receive double chips at championship event.
 Bubble Player – This player was “moved up” into the playoff due to Double Qualifier playing in their league in this session. Only one Bubble Player per league session is ever moved up regardless of how many Double Qualifiers there are.
 Double Stack – This player earned a double chip stack this playoff event by qualifying twice in region in DIFFERENT sessions.
 Triple Stack – This player earned a triple chip stack this playoff event by qualifying three times in region in DIFFERENT sessions.

HPT Dream Package Session 1 Playoff Qualifiers

HPT Dream Package Session 2 Playoff Qualifiers

HPT Dream Package Session 3 Playoff Qualifiers

Player Name Location Town Events AvgAttd. Points
League ChampionEric VrbaDenton Daily DoubleDenton522508
Dave NovacekDenton Daily DoubleDenton522490
Clancy ChristenDenton Daily DoubleDenton522389
Greer WiklundDenton Daily DoubleDenton522373
James JordanDenton Daily DoubleDenton522318
Dave NovacekDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln334364
Al BuhrDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln334346
Wayne HeckmanDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln334345
Dwaine WalsteadDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln334302
Pat McGraneDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln434491
Jack PickelDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln434480
Cody MeyerDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln434443
Clancy ChristenDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln434416
Jeff MillerMVP LoungeOmaha526549
Scott HofmannMVP LoungeOmaha526514
Matt CornueMVP LoungeOmaha526497
League ChampionJay DabneyMVP LoungeOmaha526463
Bob TimberlakeMVP LoungeOmaha526462
Carlos HarrisMVP LoungeOmaha526461
21 Qualifiers

Player Name Location Town Events AvgAttd. Points
League ChampionEric VrbaDenton Daily DoubleDenton416453
Mike SummersDenton Daily DoubleDenton416428
Dan BrandtDenton Daily DoubleDenton416289
Janet McGraneDenton Daily DoubleDenton416248
Wayne MartDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln429527
Pat McGraneDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln429495
Dave NovacekDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln429444
James HerroldDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln529692
Al BuhrDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln529483
Wayne HeckmanDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln529480
Carlos HarrisMVP LoungeOmaha426449
Dale SchumanMVP LoungeOmaha426415
Christy LangeMVP LoungeOmaha426391
Kirk DuggerMVP LoungeOmaha426354
League ChampionJay DabneyMVP LoungeOmaha426323
Dave NolanMVP LoungeOmaha426300
14 Qualifiers

Player Name Location Town Events AvgAttd. Points
Janet McGraneDenton Daily DoubleDenton421415
Alan GoodmanDenton Daily DoubleDenton421411
David BliemeisterDenton Daily DoubleDenton421374
Rich ConferDenton Daily DoubleDenton421290
Gary WilkenDenton Daily DoubleDenton421259
Nate BernthDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln524683
Al BuhrDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln524493
Clarence OsentowskiDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln524428
Kaleb MyersDrifters Pool Room - SatLincoln524428
Tim RehbeinDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln433746
Cody MeyerDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln433558
Wayne MartDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln433449
Greer WiklundDrifters Pool Room - ThurLincoln433423
League ChampionJay DabneyMVP LoungeOmaha428816
Bob TimberlakeMVP LoungeOmaha428461
Archie GodfreyMVP LoungeOmaha428455
Matt LucasMVP LoungeOmaha428413
Stephen PontiousMVP LoungeOmaha428364
Dale SchumanMVP LoungeOmaha428295
18 Qualifiers
Total HPT Dream Package Regional Qualifers: 53
Total DISTINCT HPT Dream Package Regional Qualifers: 37
Direct HPT Dream Package Qualifers: 2